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Whether it’s creating an offer to sell your products, an announcement, or tell a story, Leadscore’s marketing tools help make it easy to create email campaigns that best suit your message.

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Email Campaigns

Meet your marketing goals thanks to Leadscore’s email campaign function. Send actionable emails to lists of contacts and wait for the results to run in.

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Drip campaigns

Keep your customer engagement up thanks to intelligent drip email sequences. Specify multiple steps, triggers, automated emails, and more. 

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No more guess work. Assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with built-in analytics and reporting, so you can see what’s working (and what’s not). 

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Website Tracking

Find out what pages and products your customers are interacting with. Use these insights to cater to their specific needs.


Leadscore’s sales tools have been designed to drive deeper engagement with prospects and convert more opportunities into business. From emailing to deal management, you’ll be sure to not miss a sales target again.

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Bulk emailing

Scale your email sales by sending bulk emails to prospects. Keep the personal touch thanks to placeholders.

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Sales dialler

Make more opportunities over the phone. Link a VoIP provider to you account and start making sales calls, directly from Leadscore.

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Deal pipelines

Visualise your deals with our drag-and-drop pipeline. Focus on stages of your deals so you can successfully close more opportunities.

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Auto data entry

Calls, emails, notes, and more—all interactions will automatically be added to the contact pages of your prospects and leads. Save hours of manual entry.

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Get a snapshot of your sales activities with automated sales reports. Easily view your progress on deals, calls, sales figures, and more. 

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Lead Scoring

Know which lead is hot and who’s not, using lead scores. Prioritise contacts according to their interaction data.

CRM Tools

Leadscore’s CRM was built to with teamwork in mind. Share contact information, to do’s, and more across your corporation. Ready to make your entire team more effective?

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2-Way Email Sync

Connect your email and send mails over your CRM and have new emails show up in your Inbox on Leadscore.

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CSV Import

Get started in no time by importing thousands of contacts into your CRM using the CSV Import feature. 

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Contact lists

Segmentation made easy. Split contacts into lists for marketing, sales, or organisational purposes.

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Task management

Organise your workflow with our built-in To Do Manager. Use a visual pipeline to push tasks to completion.

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Leadscore integrates with some of your favourite tools, from calendars and email to Zendesk and Salesforce.

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Auto social enrichment

When you add a contact to Leadscore, their social and profile info and photo are added automatically.

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